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Westbrook 75th Anniversary Photo.jpg

Westbrook 75th Anniversary Tea (2014)

Gazette Newspaper covers 75th Anniversary Tea celebrating 75 years and honoring the parents who saved the school from closure in the late 1970s.

Bethesda Gazette
MCPS New Gym and Classrooms Photo.jpg

MCPS construction of new gym and classrooms (2012)

Gazette Newspaper article on MCPS construction of new gym and classrooms.

Bethesda Gazette
Westbrook Carnival Photo.jpg

Bethesda Magazine covers Westbrook Carnival (2012)

Bethesda Magazine Westbrook Carnival gallery and story

Bethesda Gazette
Father Daughter Dance Photo.jpg

Father-Daughter Dance (2012)

​2012: Bethesda Magazine Father-Daughter Dance Gallery

Bethesda Gazette
Westbrook Farewell Photo.jpg
Bethesda Gazette
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