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2007 Westbrook Playground Renovation

In 2007, FOWS spearheaded an urgent campaign to save our playground.  The County had deemed some of the existing playground equipment to be unsafe and a renovation through MCPS was a long way off.  FOWS donors contributed more than $50k in funds in just a six-week period.  What a testament to the dedication to our school and community. 

Below is a list of those whose generosity helped to make the renovation happen!

​​Superheroes ($1,000+)

​Green Acres Glen Cove Citizen Association

​Corbin and Pamela Gwaltney

Marsha and Alan Paller

The Rice Family

Westmoreland Children's Center, Inc.

Champions ($500 - $999)

Bradford and Susan Berenson

The Bollman Family

The Cann Family

Valerie Baruch and Terry Fry

The Jaber Family

John and Patricia Kelly

Bob and Mary Lou McGee

The Nakasaka Family

Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Nulsen III

The Salfi Family

Randy and Eileen Sherman

The Slabaugh Family

Townsend/Zissis Family

Westmoreland Citizens Association Inc.

The Wileman Family

Explorers ($250 - $499)


The Barbers

David and Karen Baratz

The Berger Family

Scott and Jamie Brown

Charlotte Young and Calvin Cobb III

Kimberly and Brian Deobald

Beverly Denbo

Janet and Mike Gaffney

Gannett Foundation

The Geary Family

Francesca Goodall and Emile Van Der Does

Joshua Seidman and Jocelyn Guyer

The Kris Family

Florencia and Federico Martinez

The Moen Family

The Morrell Family

Amy Nadel and Andrew Smith

The Family of Charlie Oakes

Lorenzo Parkins

The Raisner Family

Ed and Beth Salcedo

The Wade Family

The Webster Family

Tom and Elizabeth Vidano

Teammates ($150 - $249)

Cyrus and Jan Ansary

Laudan Aron-Turnham

Joseph Bailey

Henry and Maurine Beasley

The Bellew Family

Carolyn Vinson and Stephen Bou

Marina and Matthew Bowsher

The Cady Family

The Carpenter Family

The Cohen Family

The Crupi Family

The Crystal Family

Rick, Kate and Genevieve Dreger

Fannie Mae Foundation

The Fensterheim Family

John and Margie Galleher

Linda Goodman

The Grove Family

James and Rebecca Hamilton

Herlihy/Leonardo Family

Laurie Fink and Rob Hotakainen

The Howe Family

Renee and John Kannapell

Diana Keeling Realtors

The Family of Annabelle Kim

Susan and Bo Kim

The Kirkpatrick Family

Henri Barkey and Ellen Laipson

Robert Lang and Bama Athreya

Dylan Leishman

Teammates (Continued)

Frank and Adrienne Marcellino

Lena and Steve Marcellino

Myron Marlin and Ilyse Veron Marlin

The May Family

The Mayio Family

Mikel and Brad Moore

The McCollum Family

Kathleen and William McElroy

Janine Lewis and Kevin McNeely

John and Stephanie Nelson

Christopher and Kristin O'Brien

Antonella Salvatore Pellegrino

Mrs. Patricia Pickard

Craig and Clare Piercy

Beth Sanner and Russell Porter

The Rogers/Swinnerton Family

Tiffany and Grant Rowan

Paul Schindler and Katherine Spurlock

Nicole Cirrito and Bryan Schwenker

Paul Turnham and Lorna Shannon

Sarah Farnsworth and Alexander Shepel

Laurie Sparling and Peter Smith

Paul Stares and Sonni Efron

The Stocker Family

Russell Sturm and Michele McNally

Kelly E. Tanzi

Thomson Financial

Kristin and Paul Wardour

Anne Warner

Linda Kinney and Ilir Zherka

Pals ($75 - $149)



Samantha Bouvier and Matthew Babcock

Katy and Jeff Bauer

Nadine and Luis Botero

The Bryden Family

Brian Burns and Maria Morgan

The Christie Family

The Coe Family

The Dabbous Family

Deborah and Robert Danegger

Thomas Dann

Pam Sutherland and John Doukouris

Eagle Bank

John and Margaret Fogarty

Clair and Mary George

Jodi Grant and Tom Skinner

John Payne and Smitha Gollamudi

Linda Greenhouse

Jeffrey Hacker and Joan Hankin

The Harcourt Family

David Kessel and Rona Schwartz

Christine Luckman

Maren and Joseph Matal

Microsoft Corporation

Connie and Chris Mitchell

Ted and Sarah McCullough

Kristin McNavage

The Raffensberger Family

Bryan and Denise Robinson

Carol and Mike Schaengold

Cathy Schenker and Bill Olsen

The Shillman Family

Solte-Shampaine Family

Margaret and Christopher Terry

J. Sumner and Penelope Townsend Jones

Jane and G. Duane Vieth

Brian and Joanna Young


Supporters (Up to $75)


Crystal and James August

William and Mary Becker

Gerlinde Boright

The Brown Family

Larry Buron and Liz Jones

Alisa and Dean Chestler

Susan and Richard Crow

Richard Kirschner and M. Kay Gartrell

Global Impact

Ellen and Matthew Hoffman

Tracy Lader

Michael Clinchard and Heidi Lawrenz

Susan Hostetler and Lelei Lelaulu

The Lettre Family

Walter and Alisa Levin

Irv and Judy Lieberman

Martin Burns and Wendy Kahn

Walter and Nancy McCabe

The Pekkanen Family

George and Eleanor Pomeroy

The Powell Family

Kent and Juliet Ronhovde

Edward Shapland

David and Lori Siegel

Caryn, Adam, Noah & Zachary Solomon

Sean and Karen Thornton

The Zhang Family

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